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About Us

I grew up in Corsicana, Texas and have always been fascinated by old cars. There was a man in town that drove Model A's and Model T's. and I was thrilled every time I saw him drive by in one of his cars.
In 1969, I was old enough to get my driver's license, and I told my Dad that I wanted to buy an antique car. My Dad and I spent months looking at cars all over the state of Texas. I had always been partial to Chevrolets, and I was just in hog heaven when we found a 1930 Chevrolet somewhere between Athens and Palestine. After many hours of help from my Dad, we got it running and I drove it to high school with chicken wire exposed on the top. It didn't matter that the "cool" cars at that time were GTOs, Mustangs or Cameros, I was in love with my 1930 Chevy.
I found real love in 1984, and decided to restore my 1930 Chevrolet so that my new bride and I could drive away in it from our wedding reception. After many painstaking hours of restoration, it was ready to go and my wife, Bette, and I used it for our great escape. This was my first ground up restoration, and I was hooked.
What started out as a hobby, turned into a business in January, 1985. I opened my own restoration shop in Grand Prairie, Texas, and have since completed ground up restorations on a 1941 Cadillac, 1911 Reo Model H Truck, 1931 Packard Limo 845, 1931 Chevrolet Coupe, 1969 Mercedes Benz 280SL, 1925 Depot Hack, 1937 Rolls Royce 20/25 to name just a few. Currently, we maintain vintage autos such as a 1934 500K Mercedes Benz, 1938 Horch Special Roadster and a 1931 Duesenberg Murphy Body. At Hand's Elderly Auto Care, we restore, preserve, buy and sell vintage autos from 1900 to 1959.
It has been a worthwhile profession and the friendships I have made meeting and working with "old car" people are invaluable. And, of course, it is always nice to make a little money doing something that you thoroughly enjoy.